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Welcome, first-generation college students, to the University of Richmond campus – your campus.  

The University is proud that you have chosen to study here. We value the accomplishments, experiences and perspectives that you bring. When Richmond offers admission to a student, it means that we believe in your capabilities and would like to help you develop them as far as they can go, both during your college years and beyond.

Richmond is the kind of institution that confers life-long benefits to its students. The University shows you how to expand your world, then helps you develop the skills you need to succeed in it. You can leave here after four years with a top-notch degree, a career-related internship or research experience, meaningful community service, time spent living abroad, and solid preparation for what lies beyond Richmond, all while accumulating very little debt.

This site provides links to resources that will help you succeed – key people that you need to know, offices that provide the services you need, and allies committed to helping you have a truly fulfilling experience here. It also features stories of other first-generation students already on our campus.

Read on, and come with us.

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First Generation Stories