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Q-Summit is a signature event among UR's annual LGBTQ programs. We are dedicated, therefore, to ensuring the quality and integrity of the program. This year, however, the Office of Common Ground is down a full-time staff member and has taken on additional responsibilities. Therefore, keeping in mind our long-term commitment to the integrity of the Q-Summit, we have decided not to hold the event this year. In this political moment, there are many opportunities to engage in activism and learn about topics typically considered at the Q-Summit. We trust that all who were looking forward to a 2017 Q-Summit will find other ways to connect, reflect, and act. Know that we are committed to making Q-Summit happen again next Spring, and that we appreciate your understanding. 

What is the Q-Summit? Why have it?

The Q-Summit is a gathering of queer youth (17-25) leaders across the south for a day of movement-building, skill-sharing, and best-practices development around LGBTQ justice and racial justice.

In this political moment, action and advocacy is important for queer liberation. Departing from our typical conference-style event, UR will host a workshop and subsequent discussions on political organization.  We recognize that LGBTQ youth are doing meaningful work across our region to build strong, resilient communities. We’re convening this space for queer activists to gather in a central location and strategize around the future of their movement(s).

The Q-Summit is a partnership between the University of Richmond’s Office of Common Ground, VCU's Gender Sexuality & Women's Studies Program, UR's Students Creating Opportunities, Pride, and Equality (SCOPE), SONG (Southerners On New Ground), and Side By Side.

Who can participate?

The Q-Summit is open to youth (17-25) from the South who are engaged in anti-racist LGBTQ work or are interested in connecting to ongoing efforts in their area. While any and everyone are welcome to attend, we’re especially interested in centering the voices of LGBTQ youth. For that reason, no one over the age of 25 will be accepted to speak or lead sessions.  If you are over 25 and wish to attend, we strongly encourage you to volunteer and help us hold the youth space.

We are also committed to amplifying the experiences of those most vulnerable to homophobic and transphobic violence. While this is a multiracial and multi-gender space, the Q-Summit commits to centering the experiences of LGBTQ people of color and trans* folks in the gathering.

Have questions?

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