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Q-Summit Proposals

The Q-Summit was conceived as a space to share best practices and build power among southern queer youth (17-25).  The establishment of a youth-led, youth-run space will provide southern queers with the opportunity to discuss a host of issues important to their own work and lived experiences.

Instead of asking local academics to lead discussions around LGBTQ organizing, the Q-Summit team is committed to the fostering of youth voices speaking on issues of concern to queer youth and centering LGBTQ youth of color and trans youth when possible.  To this end we will only accept proposals from facilitators/leaders between the ages of 17-25. We welcome proposals from individuals, groups, or organizations. 

Friendly Reminder! The Q-Summit is for youth ages 17-25. Topics that are suitable for 25 year olds are not always suitable for those under 18. Please keep this in mind when submitting a proposal. We are happy to work with you to develop your idea to be age appropriate if needed.

Here are the three options for leading/facilitating sessions:

Skill Share

This category is for youth who want to discuss or present strategies or skills for social justice organizing These sessions should serve as an opportunity for participants to discuss best practices as well as challenges that youth organizers may face.  The aim of these sessions is to support collaboration between organizers and to facilitate the sharing of experiences, skills, and ideas.

Art Space

Students wishing to create and share art can choose to lead an art space session. These sessions should focus on artistic expression and using art as a tool in social justice organizing. Leaders/facilitators of these sessions can work in any artistic medium or style they choose. Note: The Q-Summit is unable to provide funding for supplies for these session, presenter(s) are responsible for bringing their own art supplies.

Political/Analytical Space

These sessions will serve as opportunities for presenter(s)/facilitator(s) to discuss and analyze political and social issues or topics related to queer and anti-racist organizing. These session can be used  for roundtable discussions or activities. Presenter(s) may also use these sessions to discuss research, projects, or ongoing campaigns and to have participants’ thoughts and feedback on their work.

Proposal Deadline

All proposals must be submitted by Sunday, February 21st (deadline extended) to be considered.  We will notify individuals by Friday, February, 26th.