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Faculty Diversity

Common Ground provides resources and consultation to recruit and retain faculty members of underrepresented minority groups.

The University of Richmond is proud to be a member of the Consortium for Faculty Diversity and welcomes other members to peruse our faculty position announcements.

The University of Richmond is committed to developing a diverse workforce and student body and to modeling an inclusive campus community which values the expression of differences in ways that promote excellence in teaching, learning, personal development and institutional success.

Hiring Resources

Common Ground is a resource for diversity advocates on faculty searches.

Services provided by Common Ground include:

  • Demographic data on recent Ph.D.s by academic subfield
  • Demographic data on departmental majors
  • Current research on biases and assumptions related to academic searches
  • Individual consultation for diversity advocates
  • Facilitation of departmental discussions
  • Annual briefing for chairs and diversity advocates on academic searches