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Inclusive Community Fund 

The Inclusive Community Fund provides resources to students, staff or faculty who have an idea that they believe will help to make our University community more inclusive, or encourage learning across differences. The ICF committee, which is made up of students and staff, will act on requests for grants ranging from $50 to $500 throughout the year until the annual budget is exhausted.  Past projects have included speakers, conferences, faculty classroom projects, and student organization events.

Application Process

Complete the application form and email it at least two weeks before the funds are needed to Lisa Miles, associate director of Common Ground, at

In order for the application to be considered, the applicant should have a University-recognized account.

As the purpose of the Fund is to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of the campus, the following activities will not be funded:

  • Activities that take place entirely off campus with minimal benefit to the UR campus or
  • Individual research projects

Repeat funding requests, as well as requests earmarked for programs already in existence, may not be funded unless the funding would dramatically alter and strengthen the program as it relates to diversity and inclusion. Applicants should address specific questions on the application which refer to these circumstances.

All fund recipients must complete a short report within one month of the completion of the event. All funded projects must list the Common Ground Inclusive Community Fund as a supporter on any print or other promotional materials produced for the event.

For additional information regarding the Common Ground Inclusive Community Fund, contact Common Ground at (804) 484-1655.