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Bias Resource Team

The Bias Resource Team’s coordination of the University’s official response to bias-related crises should model and facilitate practices that are consistent with the University’s values related to difference and inclusion. The role of the Bias Resource Team is to coordinate the University’s response to bias activity that is likely to affect the University community and to ensure that individuals or groups who are adversely affected by bias activity receive appropriate support and guidance. The Bias Resource Team supplements, but does not supersede existing University policies and procedures, and it supports the efforts of University offices and departments that address bias activity. 

The specific activities of the Bias Resource Team will be tailored to the nature of the bias activity it seeks to address but may include:

  • Ensuring prompt, clear communication among relevant constituencies, units, and the University community as a whole
  • Coordinating support for affected individuals and communities
  • Promoting learning opportunities for the broader University community
  • Recommending policy changes
  • Ensuring that the response to bias activity is appropriate and, to the extent possible, transparent
Bias Resource Team Guiding Principles
  • The safety of our campus and all of its members and guests is paramount. Safety has both physical and emotional dimensions.
  • Members of marginalized groups targeted by bias incidents should have a prominent voice in determining the institutional response to those incidents.
  • Meaningful, productive dialogue should prevail over impulses for revenge or retribution.
  • Dialogue is productive and meaningful when it leads to self-reflection and positive change.
  • Crises and the institutional resources they demand should not be allowed to derail positive change initiatives already underway.
  • In most cases, community-level responses are generally more productive than administrative ones.
Members of the Bias Resource Team
Core BRT members are listed below, although other individuals may be added as circumstances require.

Carthene Bazemore-Walker, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Thriving for the School of Arts & Sciences

Steve Bisese, VP for Student Development

Joe Boehman, Dean of Richmond College

Ashleigh Brock, Assistant to the President

Tina Cade, AVP for Student Development and Director of Multicultural Affairs

Lee Dyer, AD of Common Ground

Mia Reinoso Genoni, Dean of Westhampton College

Kristine Henderson, Director of Compliance & Title IX Coordination

Amy Howard, Interim Senior Admin Officer, CO-CHAIR

Glyn Hughes, Director of Institutional Equity and Inclusion, CHAIR

Craig Kocher, University Chaplain

Peter LeViness, Director of Counseling & Psychological Services

David McCoy, AVP of Public Safety and Chief of Police

Cynthia Price, Director of Media & Public Relations

Shannon Sinclair, University General Counsel

Carl Sorensen, AVP of Human Resources

Student Government presidents (Richmond College and Westhampton College)