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Richmond is a private college, and sometimes the price tag for a private college education seems out of reach. However, the majority of Richmond students don’t pay the full sticker price. We pride ourselves on having some of the best financial aid resources anywhere—and helping students and their families understand the aid process. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Richmond is need-blind in admission. This means, for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, the only things we consider in deciding whether to admit you are your talents and your ability to thrive here. Unlike many schools, we don’t look at your family’s financial situation when making admission decisions. As a result, we enroll a very socioeconomically diverse student body.
  • Richmond promises to meet 100% of demonstrated need for all students. This means that we will help you pay for whatever part of the cost of attendance you cannot afford to pay, as determined through our financial aid application process.
  • Richmond is one of less than one percent of universities that is both need-blind in the admission process and meets 100% of demonstrated need.
  • For Virginia residents whose annual parental income is $60,000 or less and who demonstrate eligibility for need-based aid, Richmond’s Promise to Virginia  program provides a financial aid package equal to full-time tuition, room and the standard meal plan, without loans.
  • On average, Richmond students graduate with less debt than students attending many of Virginia’s public universities, thanks to strong financial aid and scholarships.
  • Our Financial Aid staff are happy to help explain the process and walk you through the confusing parts. Just pick up the phone or send an email.
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