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Thriving At Richmond

We’re glad you’re here. We have confidence that you can do really well at Richmond. But adjusting to college can be a challenge sometimes, and here are a few suggestion to help you get off on the right foot. 

Get to know your faculty.

The classes at Richmond are small and faculty hold office hours for a reason. Don’t let their impressive titles scare you. They are known to be very supportive and interested in getting to know their students. And once you know them it will be easier to ask for help with an assignment, a recommendation for a leadership position or scholarship, or even the chance to do research with them at some point.

Join a club, or two.

The best way to meet people outside your classes is by joining an organization. Don’t join every organization that interests you right away, but choose a couple that will offer regular chances to expand your friend networks and fill some of your out of class time.

Get comfortable asking for help.

Trust us, you aren’t the only one with a question. From your RA, to your Academic Advisor, to the folks in Financial Aid, there are people all around you with information to help you get settled. But we probably won’t know what you need unless you ask.