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Frequently Asked Questions

While there’s no easy way to fully describe the campus climate at any college or university, we have addressed some questions you may have about LGBTQ Campus Life at the University of Richmond.

Does the University include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in its non-discrimination policy?

Yes! Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression are included in the University’s non-discrimination policy.

Are there active LGBTQ peer to peer connections?

Yes! LGBTQ+ Coalition is a student organization which heads up much of the social and activist efforts among LGBTQ students on campus. In addition, there are two LGBTQ Affinity Groups (Kaleidoscope and Shades of Pride) which students may join.

There will likely be other LGBTQ student organizations on campus during any given year, so please check with the Center for Student Involvement for more information.

Is there a campus office for LGBTQ student services?

Yes! Common Ground is home to LGBTQ Campus Life. There is an LGBTQ Lounge space as well as an Associate Director position dedicated to LGBTQ Campus Life. We offer support, advocacy, and programming for LGBTQ students and their allies.

Where can I find resources on coming out?

You should feel free to speak with any of our Common Ground staff or check out our LGBTQ Lounge, which features lots of great resources on coming out, from brochures to books to movies. We also have great allies in CAPS (Counseling And Psychological Services) as well as the Chaplaincy for those seeking more emotional or spiritual support. Finally, our Safe Zone Allies are trained in supporting students through their coming out process.

How can trans students find resources and support on campus?
To meet the needs of trans students at the University of Richmond, Common Ground has created a one-stop website featuring information, resources, and campus policies. Visit Trans at UR for more information.
Are other campus offices supportive and inclusive of LGBTQ students and issues?

Support for LGBTQ students on campus is widespread. Here are just a few highlights:

What activities are sponsored on campus for LGBTQ students?

Common Ground's LGBTQ Campus Life iniative offers Lavender Graduation for LGBTQ students and allies.

Additionally we offer workshops, discussions, and speakers throughout the year that speak to the LGBTQ experience. Our LGBTQ student organizations, SCOPE (Students Creating Opportunities, Pride, & Equity), and the Equality Alliance in the Law School hold meetings, discussions, and programs throughout the year. Check out our calendar on the LGBTQ Campus Life Home Page for more event information.

Is there a procedure for reporting LGBTQ-related bias incidents and hate crimes? How does the school respond to such incidents?

The campus has a Bias Incident Protocol which includes numerous options for reporting such incidents. The protocol also specifies that a Bias Resource Team convene when incidents are likely to have community-wide ramifications. The team, which includes many of the University’s highest-ranking officials, then guides the campus through any crisis with a special emphasis on ensuring that those who have been made to feel vulnerable by an incident garner the institution’s full support and compassion.

Are supportive faculty and staff easily identifiable?

Several hundred members of the University of Richmond campus community have become members of the Safe Zone program. Most of the members are staff or faculty, and nearly all of them display their Safe Zone sticker, which indicates their eagerness to support LGBTQ students.

Of course, there are many other members of the campus community who have not been able to attend a workshop, but still offer support to LGBTQ students.

For more information on the Safe Zone program, please visit the ally training page.

Does the University offer trans-inclusive healthcare?

Yes! Trans-inclusive healthcare coverage is now being offered on University medical plans for eligible employees and their covered dependents. Please visit the HR benefits page for more info.

What Richmond-area resources are available for LGBTQ students and their allies?

The city of Richmond is full of resources for LGBTQ students. Diversity Richmond offers members of the Richmond community access to support groups, visiting exhibitions, and actively supports local LGBTQ causes.

Side by Side focuses on LGBTQ issues within area school systems, and serves as a welcoming environment for LGBTQ youth in the Richmond area. In recent years, Side by Side has hosted a successful alternative prom as well as discussion groups related to transgender issues and leadership development among youth. 

The LGBTQ community of Richmond is also served by the Health Brigade. The first HIV/AIDS clinic in Virginia, the Health Brigade provides free HIV testing and a transgender clinic.

Southerners On New Ground (SONG) focuses on racial and economic justice in a queer context and works to support LGBTQ people of color. Richmond is home to one of their many field offices.

GayRVA, Richmond’s leading online magazine dedicated to the LGBTQ community, provides an up-to-the-minute look into Richmond’s LGBTQ culture.

VCIC - Through workshops, retreats, and customized programs that raise knowledge, motivation, and skills, VCIC develops leaders who work together to achieve success throughout the Commonwealth.

Nationz Foundation - Nationz Foundation a 501(c)3 non-profit oganization was organized to fufill our mission to "provide education and information related to HIV prevention and overall health and wellness, while inspiring the community to take responsibility for their health while working towards a more inclusive Central Virginia for LGBTQIA+ identified individuals.

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LGBTQ Campus Climate

The LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index assists campuses in improving their LGBT campus life and shaping the educational experience to be more inclusive, welcoming and respectful of LGBT and ally people. The index is owned and operated by Campus Pride, the leading national nonprofit organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create safer, more LGBT-friendly environments.

A password is not necessary to access UR's campus climate report, but you will need to enter your full name and e-mail address.