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Confidential Support


Icebreakers, our monthly student-led support group that discusses all things LGBTQ and gender related, is taking a brief hiatus as we search for a new associate director for LGBTQ campus life.

However, if you need confidential support, please take advantage of the resources in the office or LGBTQ student organizations. Any of those listed below would be happy to offer help in any way they can.

To make an appointment to talk, e-mail:

Lee Dyer, Associate Director of LGBTQ Campus Life (

Glyn Hughes, Director of Common Ground (

Lisa Miles, Associate Director of Common Ground (

Please include “Confidential Support” in the subject line of your email to indicate the purpose of your message.


Icebreakers is a confidential student-run discussion group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer students, as well as students who have questions about sexual and/or gender identity. Icebreakers is a safe space for students to discuss issues of coming out, finding friends, or questions around identity. Two trained students run each meeting (at least one of which is always of a queer person of color).