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Lavender Graduation

The Lavender Graduation ceremony is a time for the University of Richmond to honor graduates who identify as LGBTQ, Ally, or have made strong contributions to LGBTQ Campus Life. Lavender Graduation is an opportunity to celebrate the year and our many accomplishments, as well as say goodbye to our graduates. This is a time to honor not only our graduates but the allies who support LGBTQ Campus Life here at the University. The Lavender Graduation ceremony is a partnership with Common Ground, the Office of Alumni and Career Services, and the LGBTQ Spiders Alumni Group.  Lavender Graduation will be held on Thu., Apr. 11 at 5:00 p.m.

Graduate Recognition

Students graduating from any of our five schools, including the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, are eligible to be recognized during the Lavender Graduation ceremony. If you would like to be recognized please complete the Lavender Graduation applicationDeadline: Mar. 25


The Lavender Graduation ceremony is an opportunity to honor allies who have supported LGBTQ campus life. We are currently seeking nominations for Ally of the Year Awards for two categories: faculty/staff and students. The term Ally for these awards refers to a student or faculty/staff person who has helped further LGBTQ Campus Life; they may identify as LGBTQ or an Ally. Award winners will be honored at the Lavender Graduation ceremony. To nominate please complete the Ally Award Nomination Form. Deadline to Nominate: Mar. 29 

Join the Celebration

The Lavender Graduation Ceremony is open to students, faculty, staff, community partners, and family members who wish to celebrate with us. Please  RSVP for this event by Mar. 31.

Lavender Graduation 2019

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