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The Necessity of the inclusion of Racial Justice in Q-Summit 

“Racial Justice is a proactive reinforcement of policies, practices, attitudes and actions that produce equitable power, access, opportunities, treatment, impacts and outcomes for all” ( As an underrepresented group, the LGBTQ+ community knows how it feels to be mistreated, However, some of us are treated even more harshly due to the color of our skin.We see evidence of racial discrimination within the LGBTQ+ community in all aspects of our lives.

We see it in everyday slights from the lack of LGBTQ+ people of color in popular media and culture, to the headers on dating profiles that declare “No Asians. No Blacks.” Sadly, we see it even more severly through statistics that show that LGBTQ+  people of color are murdered at the highest rate  of any LGBTQ+ group in the United States ( 2012).

Whether it be minor or major occurrences, racism is deeply rooted within our own community, and it is time that it becomes a conversation held in the spotlight rather than under the shade. Therefore, the Q-Summit will be dedicated to making racial justice a key point of every conversation we have. We hope that it will permeate the conference as much as it permeates our everyday lives. The two subjects can no longer be separated for they are one in the same: when we talk about sexuality and gender,  we must talk about race.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your support. Let’s make this a Q-Summit in which ALL of our voices are heard. Let’s make Q-Summit one that we don’t forget.