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Pronouns and Names Guide

The University of Richmond accepts and encourages the use of preferred names (including nicknames), titles, and pronouns for students, faculty, and staff.

Pronouns and titles often indicate gender. Using the preferred pronoun or title is extremely important to trans people. This short video will explain why.

Names are often gendered, and many people prefer a nickname to their legal name. Nicknames can be specified in Banner, but students, faculty, and staff can create opportunities for people to self-identify their preferred name. For example, on the first day of class, faculty should call roll using last names, giving students the chance to specify their preferred name.

Common Pronouns

  • Men - He/His/Him/Sir
  • Women - She/Her/Hers/Ma'am
  • Gender Inclusive - Ze/Hir/Hirs/Zir
  • Gender Inclusive - They/Them/Theirs

Common Titles

  • Men - Mr.
  • Women - Ms./Mrs.
  • Gender Inclusive - Mx.

Collecting Gender data on forms should read:

  • Woman
  • Man
  • FTM
  • MTF
  • Gender Non-Binary
  • Prefer to not answer