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Cultural Advisor Recommendation Form

Candidate Name:

Name of Evaluator:

Relationship to Candidate:

The Cultural Advisor position is a leadership opportunity coordinated by the Office of Common Ground. CAs are student leaders who live in the residence halls, and focus their time and talents on working with residents and residence life staff to make the halls safe, welcoming, and supportive communities for all students. Through a variety of methods, CAs promote learning and understanding across differences, share information about campus resources on diversity and inclusion, and facilitate connections between and among the residents. They also sponsor the late night alcohol-free program, SpiderNights, every Saturday night.

Please rate the candidate on the following dimensions.
1 = Very Competent
2= Average
3= Needs Additional Work
NA= Not Observed

Interpersonal Skills

Shows sensitivity to others
1 2 3 NA

Is accepted and well-liked by others
1 2 3 NA

Is able to work with others from different backgrounds
1 2 3 NA

Works effectively with others
1 2 3 NA

Communication Skills

Is an effective listener
1 2 3 NA

Expresses self effectively
1 2 3 NA

Able to approach tasks creatively
1 2 3 NA

Is comfortable making room for differing opinions
1 2 3 NA

Responsibility and Leadership

Follows through on tasks and responsibilities
1 2 3 NA

Uses good time management skills
1 2 3 NA

Has the capacity to be a leader among peers
1 2 3 NA

Is a positive influence in the community
1 2 3 NA

Makes personal choices that reflect maturity and good judgment
1 2 3 NA

Please provide a general statement about the candidate and the extent to which you believe they will make a good Cultural Advisor.

Overall Recommendation
In considering this candidate for the position of Cultural Advisor, my overall recommendation is:

Recommend highly
Recommend with reservation
Would not recommend