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Workshops & Training

The Office of Common Ground delivers workshops to campus groups on a range of topics related to diversity and inclusive community.

  • Resident assistants
  • General orientation advisors
  • International orientation advisors
  • Students participating civic engagement
  • Roadmap to Success students
  • Richmond & Westhampton College Student Government Associations
  • Diversity advocates on Faculty Searches
  • Student employees

We can help your group to gain a better understanding of inclusive community and areas of difference, get traction discussing difficult topics or explore outside resources. Throughout the year, we also offer a range of professional development opportunities for staff who work directly with students.

Workshop Guiding Principles

When we work with a group to develop a workshop, we prefer to follow these guidelines, which help to ensure the delivery of meaningful and effective programs.

  • Workshop content should be tailored closely to the institutional roles of participants.
  • Those requesting workshops should be involved in the development of their content, and their experience and expertise should be featured in the program and its assessment. Participants should be included whenever possible.
  • As opposed to being one-time, detached offerings, workshops or trainings should be an integrated feature of participants’ experience as members of the University community.